B r i a n  R o m a g n o l i
  V i n t a g e  A r t s  S t u d i o




                    *  Creating an Attractive New Landmark

                    *  Branding a New Marketable Image

                    *  Promoting & Advertising Your Business

                    *  Defining Core Values & Visioning Success

                    *  Increasing Civic Pride & Public Awareness

                    *  Revitalizing a Street or Neighbourhood

                    *  Celebrating Important Anniversaries

                    *  Highlighting Significant Milestones

                    *  Providing a Destination Focus for Tours

                    *  Recognizing Major Accomplishments

                    *  Showcasing Products & Services

                    *  Becoming an Educational Resource

                    *  Re-defining a dormant Architectural Space

                    *  Encouraging Youth Involvement

                    *  Inspiring the Work Ethic

                    *  Improving the Work Environment

                    *  Unifying People around a Common Cause


Contact Brian Romagnoli directly to find out how a mural can improve your downtown, community, business, or place of work.   email :   romagnoli@vintagearts.ca



"Cherish the Past...Celebrate the Future"

 by Brian Romagnoli  2000  Kitchener, Ontario

 Kitchener Downtown Business Association



of Commissioning or Sponsoring a Professionally designed Mural